Intervenes in the usual way of looking at objects and
gives another angle to see them.

Plays with perception of size and measurements.

Uses easy-to-find materials to create extraordinary objects.

Does not like to adhere to a strict diet of any style or technique.

Makes witty comments with their design for unprejudiced people
who tend to think outside the box.

Makes timeless designs that may or may not be enjoyed for a long time.

Is absolutely independent but also open for collaborations of any kind.

Appeals to everyone from all walks of life by staying away
from deep conceptual mumbo-jumbo.

Is two graphic designers who live and work together in Istanbul.

Is Pınar Akkurt and Ulaş Uğur.

*2mikrop’s name comes from the Turkish word for germs,
something a generation of mothers called their kids for being mischievous.